AutoXDR - NFSv4 Example Server header

This file declares the routines that the server side code will call.

 *  DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE   (nfsv4-svhdr.h)
 *  It has been AutoGen-ed  Saturday May 26, 2001 at 04:36:08 PM PDT
 *  From the definitions    nfsv4.def
 *  and the template file   autoxdr.tpl
 *  This file has been generated by the AutoXDR AutoGen template suite.
 *  These files are compatible with:
 *  RFC1831 - Remote Procedure Call Protocol Specification Version 2
 *  RFC1832 - External Data Representation Standard
 *  and are intended to be used as a layer on top of the ONC IDL
 *  in conjunction with RPCGEN.
#include "nfsv4.h"

 *  These are the nfs4_compound server routines that must be supplied.
extern nfs4_status nfs4_access4_svc(
    nfs4_compound_args*  pProcArgs,
    ACCESS4res*  pRes,
    ACCESS4args* pArgs );

 *  In case you want to convert an op number into a name:
extern const char* name_nfs4_compound_ops( nfs4_compound_ops );
 *  The following routines are provided for converting enumerations
 *  into descriptive strings or enumeration names, and from an enumeration
 *  name into an enumeration value.
extern const char* info_nfs4_status( nfs4_status );
extern const char* name_nfs4_status( nfs4_status );
extern nfs4_status nfs4_status_enum( const char* );

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