AutoOpts 11:0 is included with AutoGen 5.2.11. It is a set of AutoGen templates and a run time library that virtually eliminates the hassle of parsing command line options. This package allows you to specify several program attributes, up to 100 option types and many attributes for each option.

Using your program's option definitions, AutoGen will expand the AutoOpts templates into two C source files and a man page document. The header and code files constitute all the information the AutoOpts library needs to parse and handle the command line, environment variables and initialization file (rc file) options. When your program runs, the AutoOpts library will then interpret these compiled data.

AutoOpts is available either under the terms of the Library GNU Public License, or, at your option, the terms of the advertising-clause-free BSD license.

What will AutoOpts do for you?

Many things :-). Please see the AutoOpts Features documentation for an abbreviated list of features, or see the Comparative Features to see how it stacks up with "the competition"* ;-).

If you are interested in trying this package, the full documentation is here online and it is included with the AutoGen distribution. (If you choose to download, or have any other questions, please drop Bruce Korb a note and let me know if you built it and what you used it for.
Thanks! :)

*If the comparison page lies or is incomplete, please letBruce Korb know. I don't track other projects all the time.

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